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Confident Childbirth *

A calm and healthy pregnancy is the ideal for all expectant mothers, but the stresses of everyday life combined with fears surrounding childbirth itself can make this easier said than done. At The Clerkenwell Group we offer NLP and Cognitive Hypnotherapy to help you experience a calm and healthy pregnancy, all the way up to a confident birth.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP for pregnancy may allow you to shift your mindset and overcome any negative influences and beliefs, letting you build positive feelings and thoughts throughout both the pregnancy and childbirth.

Our qualified and experienced hypnotherapists will equip you with the tools you need to learn self-hypnosis. This may enable you to achieve a state of deep relaxation and feel more in control of your pregnancy and birth. You’ll learn how to constructively focus in order to manage childbirth in the best way for you. All of this may help you to remain positive and effectively communicate throughout pregnancy and labour.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy for pregnancy and childbirth

At The Clerkenwell Group, we have specialist Independent Midwives trained in Confident Childbirth and qualified practitioners specialising in Confident Childbirth, one of the most interesting and rewarding branches in Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy could allow you to access the area of your brain responsible for raising your pain threshold, giving you more control over how much or little pain you feel is necessary.

It may seem unlikely, but Jack Gibson (retired) and Angel Escudero are surgeons who have carried out over 1,400 operations relying only on hypnotic or psychological anaesthesia. Some hospitals in Belgium only use sedation and hypnotherapy for a wide range of operations, reducing the need for drugs by up to 90%.

Have a healthy, confident pregnancy

We at The Clerkenwell Group recommend practicing yoga alongside Cognitive Hypnotherapy, if at all possible, as it offers the perfect circumstances in which to practice your self-hypnosis. The tools you gain from us at The Clerkenwell Group could help you achieve a confident and positive childbirth experience.

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