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Sexual hypnotherapy and female sexual problems: Unlock Your True Sexual Potential

What is Sexual Hypnotherapy?

In the tapestry of human connection, sexuality plays a vital role, weaving intimacy, passion, and a deeper understanding between partners. However, for many individuals and couples, sexual dysfunction can create barriers to intimacy, leading to frustration, disappointment, and a diminished sense of fulfillment.

Sexual hypnotherapy emerges as a gentle yet transformative approach, offering a holistic solution to address the underlying causes of sexual issues which unlock the true potential for a fulfilling and satisfying sex life.

This powerful therapy harnesses the power of hypnosis, a state of deep relaxation and focused attention, to access the subconscious mind, where the roots of sexual issues often reside. By gently guiding individuals into a hypnotic state, hypnotherapists can effectively address a wide range of sexual challenges, including:

  • Low libido
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Vaginismus
  • Painful intercourse
  • Sexual trauma and anxiety

Through tailored hypnotherapy techniques, individuals and couples can:

  • Enhance self-awareness and body image
  • Cultivate self-esteem and confidence in sexual performance
  • Alleviate anxiety and stress associated with sexual intimacy
  • Increase arousal, desire, and sexual satisfaction
  • Improve communication and connection with partners
  • Overcome the impact of sexual trauma and performance anxiety

Problem and Solution


  • Low Libido: A lack of sexual desire or interest can significantly impact personal and relationship satisfaction.
  • Erectile Dysfunction: The inability to achieve or maintain an erection can lead to anxiety, performance pressure, and diminished self-confidence.
  • Premature Ejaculation: Uncontrolled ejaculation before or shortly after penetration can cause frustration and hinder sexual pleasure for both partners.
  • Vaginismus: Involuntary muscle contractions of the vagina can cause pain and discomfort during intercourse, making sexual intimacy a challenge.
  • Painful Intercourse: Dyspareunia, or painful intercourse, can stem from various physical and psychological factors, affecting both men and women.
  • Sexual Trauma and Anxiety: Past sexual trauma, negative experiences, and performance anxiety can create emotional barriers to sexual fulfillment.


Sexual hypnotherapy offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to address the underlying causes of sexual dysfunction, providing a pathway towards renewed sexual fulfillment. By accessing the subconscious mind, sexual hypnotherapy can effectively:

  • Reprogram Subconscious Beliefs: Identify and modify negative beliefs and patterns that hinder sexual expression.
  • Address Emotional Blocks: Release emotional barriers, such as anxiety, fear, and shame, that impede sexual intimacy.
  • Enhance Self-Awareness and Body Image: Cultivate positive self-perception and body image, promoting sexual confidence.
  • Rewire Emotional Responses: Transform negative emotional responses to sexual situations into positive and pleasurable experiences.
  • Promote Relaxation and Stress Reduction: Create a state of deep relaxation and stress reduction, conducive to sexual arousal and enjoyment.
  • Strengthen Communication and Intimacy: Foster open and honest communication, enhancing connection and intimacy within relationships.

How It Works

Sexual hypnotherapy harnesses the power of hypnosis, a state of deep relaxation and focused attention, to access the subconscious mind. By guiding individuals into a hypnotic state, hypnotherapists can effectively address underlying beliefs, patterns, and behaviors that hinder sexual fulfillment.

Why Choose Our Sexual Hypnotherapy Services in London?

  • Experienced Hypnotherapists: Our team of experienced hypnotherapists specializes in sexual problems, bringing a wealth of expertise to guide you on your journey.
  • Holistic Approach: We seamlessly integrate the physical and psychological aspects of sexual issues.
  • Personalized strategies: These are bespoke to each client and tailored to your needs, wants and lifestyle.
  • Lasting transformation: By addressing the subconscious mind through hypnotherapy you can achieve clarity, overall wellbeing and  lasting results that goes beyond the physical aspects.

The process of hypnotherapy:

  • Initial Consultation: Discussing concerns, sexual history, and relevant medical or psychological factors.
  • Creating a Safe and Relaxing Environment: Promoting relaxation and trust.
  • Guiding into Hypnosis: Transitioning into a hypnotic state using verbal suggestions and techniques.
  • Addressing Subconscious Beliefs: Identifying and addressing negative subconscious beliefs, patterns, and associations.
  • Installing Positive Suggestions: Replacing negative beliefs with empowering affirmations.
  • Releasing Emotional Blocks: Processing and releasing emotions that hinder sexual intimacy.
  • Establishing a Positive Relationship with Sexuality: Cultivating self-acceptance, body positivity, and open communication.
  • Ongoing Support and Follow-ups: Providing ongoing support, guidance, and reinforcement.


  • Hypnotherapy is not mind control. You remain in control throughout the session.
  • Hypnotherapy is not about sleeping. You will be in a state of deep relaxation while remaining fully aware of your surroundings.
  • Hypnotherapy is a safe and natural approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many sessions are recommended for optimal results?2023-12-02T11:04:48+00:00

A: For maximum effectiveness, we typically recommend a block of three sessions which are between 50 minutes and 1hr 15. This approach allows for a comprehensive exploration of your specific needs, ensuring the hypnosis achieves lasting and transformative results.

Q: Will I be able to communicate with the therapist during a session?2023-12-02T11:04:37+00:00

A: Absolutely. You’ll maintain the ability to communicate freely with the therapist throughout the session, ensuring a collaborative and supportive environment during hypnotherapy in London at City of London Hypnotherapy Clinic.

Q: How deep is the relaxation during a hypnotherapy session at City of London Hypnotherapy Clinic?2023-12-02T11:04:24+00:00

A: The relaxation is profound—deeper than a typical focused meditation. Clients often describe a heightened sense of calm, promoting receptivity to therapeutic suggestions during hypnosis for IBS, weight loss hypnotherapy, or stop smoking hypnotherapy.

Q: What can I expect during a hypnotherapy session at City of London Hypnotherapy Clinic?2023-12-02T11:04:11+00:00

A: In a session, you’ll experience a deep sense of relaxation, akin to a focused meditation. Our therapists create a comfortable environment, allowing you to communicate freely. The sessions, whether for hypnosis for IBS, weight loss hypnotherapy, or stop smoking hypnotherapy, or any other issue, are personalized to your specific needs.

Q: How can I schedule a session for hypnotherapy in London at City of London Hypnotherapy Clinic?2023-12-02T11:03:59+00:00

A: Scheduling a session is easy. Simply fill in our contact form or call 0800 048 5636 to take the first step toward transformative hypnotherapy in London.

Q: Can I really quit smoking with stop smoking hypnotherapy at City of London Hypnotherapy Clinic?2023-12-02T11:03:46+00:00

A: Absolutely. City of London Hypnotherapy Clinic specializes in stop smoking hypnotherapy, offering a proven method to break free from smoking habits and achieve lasting results through personalized and supportive sessions.

Q: Is weight loss hypnotherapy effective, and how does City of London Hypnotherapy Clinic approach it?2023-12-02T11:03:33+00:00

A: Yes, our weight loss hypnotherapy is highly effective. At City of London Hypnotherapy, we employ a comprehensive approach, combining hypnotherapy techniques with personalized strategies to support healthy weight management.

Q: How can I benefit from hypnosis for IBS at City of London Hypnotherapy?2023-12-02T11:03:18+00:00

A: City of London Hypnotherapy offers targeted hypnosis for IBS, addressing the root causes of gastrointestinal discomfort through specialized techniques, promoting relief and improved well-being.

Q: What is unique about the hypnotherapy services at City of London Hypnotherapy?2023-12-02T11:03:06+00:00

A: Our hypnotherapy in London stands out for its personalized approach in a warm atmosphere with compassionate talented therapists, with a focus on ensuring individualized treatment plans for each client’s unique journey.

Q: What services does the City of London Hypnotherapy Clinic offer?2023-12-02T11:02:53+00:00

A: Hypnotherapy in London provides a range of transformative services tailored for various needs such as hypnosis for IBS, weight loss hypnotherapy, and stop smoking hypnotherapy.

Client Testimonials

I can highly recommend the services of City of London Hypnotherapy, I had several sessions for anxiety and they have transformed my life. Beside that the therapist was very professional and emphatic about my issue, I felt at ease during each session and completely supported.

I was also given the needed tools that have helped me to transform myself into a much more fulfilled person.

Beside this the practice is also located at a convenient, central location and feels very homely and welcoming, which most other practices lack.

Thank you, City of London Hypnotherapy, I can’t recommend your service highly enough!


Well it’s been 5 years since my last cigarette now so I can with confidence say that these guys at City of London Hypnotherapy succeeded where 30 years of other methods failed!

I don’t like “medical” environments so this place suited me perfectly, feeling very homely but professional and making me feel really relaxed. I still don’t miss smoking one bit and even though I tried to give up before I never thought I’d be saying that. Thank you!

Luke Meredith

Anybody seeking effective and immediate therapeutic help with the variety of problems in my mind, London hypnotherapy may be one of the most effective ways to deal with issues. I have done a variety of therapies in the past and none has been as immediate or effective as this method. I would recommend it to anybody who is looking for therapy that works and is affordable and effective .

Aaron Horn

Over a number of years, off and on, I have called upon City of London Hypnotherapy for assistance in resolving a number of life/work issues.

Always a pleasure to see the professional yet entertainingly personable therapist in very comfortable surroundings.

I can recommend this practice to anyone looking to explore themselves and overcome any barriers that might be inhibiting their full potential.

James Kerr

I had four sessions to help me with relaxation around my high blood pressure.  I found my therapist to be extremely sympathetic, displaying real understanding of the complexities of the issue and the treatment was both impressive and effective.  I would certainly recommend the service.

Toby Beech

An incredible, transformative, life-changing experience! As a result of 3 sessions, I’m now more self-confident and positive, with a new perspective on life and my life goals.

Ben Walton

Revitalize your intimate experiences through our specialized sexual hypnotherapy sessions. 

Elevate your confidence and connection. 

Schedule a session to embark on a journey to a more satisfying and empowered you.

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