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If you find that motivating yourself to go into work is a daily struggle, or you’re wishing your week away by clock watching from 9 til 5, you may want to re-think your career choices. It’s never too late to look at a new line of work, but sometimes it can be hard to know where to begin or understand your transferrable skills. Our career coaching service may help you identify your skills, values and interests and enable you to seek a more rewarding and enjoyable career.

To help you with this, a visit to a cognitive hypnotherapist for coaching, including a Myers Briggs test, can be a great benefit. This test will break down your personality by various sections which can provide a valuable insight into how you work and interact with others. One of the personality sections that is of great importance in an employment context is the division between Sensors and Intuitors.

Sensors are those that like details and rules. Their interest is much more rooted in the here and now than in that of future possibility. A Sensor’s key strengths are centred round their practicality and systematic approach, but they can be let down by an inability to see the bigger picture. If you or someone within your department refuses to change the way they work just because they have always done things in that way, they are probably a Sensor.

Intuitors on the other hand are more attracted to ideas and possibility. Unlike sensors, they tend not to have rules and are more interested in the patterns and relationships between things. Their forte is their strong imagination, but a lack of focus on detail can sometimes lead them to keep on repeating the same mistakes they have made in the past. Those that seem to have their ‘head in the clouds’ should not be dismissed as work shy dreamers – they are Intuitors who could well inspire a change in working methods that revolutionises your business.

Being able to access your inclination towards one of these two directions can be paramount in a career context as it will dictate which tasks you will find interesting and which you will prefer to avoid at all costs. As an Intuitor, if you are in a job which involves many projects that requires a lot of detail and factual information, for example, you will inevitably become a bored and unmotivated worker. Understanding that your job maybe unsuitable for your personality type can lead you to reassess whether you want to continue working in your current field or look for a new career which is more appropriate to your character.

Team dynamics can be greatly affected by who falls into which category and disagreements can be avoided if you are aware of how to get the best out of your colleagues. Learning how to work with both sensors and intuitors, utilising their strengths whilst being aware of their weaknesses can result in greater productivity and job satisfaction. An appreciation of how others work will lead to an increase in the rapport with your fellow workers which can only make going to work more enjoyable. Similarly, a knowledge of these ideas can be a significant factor in helping your career progression – moving up the corporate ladder usually involves focussing on the top level information that comes naturally to an Intuitor but may need more effort as a Sensor. If you are aware of the personalities that need to be impressed in order to advance you can prepare yourself accordingly to have the maximum impact – arming themselves with pages of facts and figures will always make a good impression on a Sensor but won’t be highly regarded by an Intuitor.

Learning the differences between Sensors and Intuitors can be a significant first step in improving relationships in the workplace, helping you to achieve your full promise in your career and ensuring that you get more enjoyment out of your time at work. With such a high percentage of your life spent in the office, the importance of being in the right position, and therefore feeling fulfilled in this area of you life is obvious. And, maybe more importantly still, the achievement of being satisfied in your career is more than likely to have a knock-on effect and lead to further happiness in other areas of your life as well.

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