Smoking Cessation *

It can be notoriously difficult to give up smoking, but we might be able to help. We’re truly passionate about helping people break free from unwanted behaviours and habits, and offer a range of techniques that may help you achieve fast and effective results- from smoking cessation to a range of other habits.

Unlike many practices, we tailor our plan to help you quit- our belief is that a one-size fits all approach will probably not give you the results you need.

At The Clerkenwell Group we understand that everyone is an individual and no two clients are alike, which is why we provide everyone with a unique, tailor made programme specifically dsigned to meet their very individual needs. In addition to this approach, clients often find that other issues in their life are addressed as a result of the treatment.

We would love to give you a guarantee but if we did that would be unethical as it’s just not possible. Be careful where clinics give you percentage success rate as getting in touch with each client to assess that constantly would be a very hard thing to do.

Here’s a simple test – if you ask yourself on a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is the highest, how much do you want to stop smoking? You would need to be at least a 7 to 8, or the chances of this working will probably be less and we wouldn’t want you to waste your money. This is an investment not an expense.

Return on Investment

We all know the obvious health benefits but have you ever stopped to think about other benefits smoking cessation could bring? How much money do you waste on expensive face creams, organic food, and dentistry bills for stained teeth, dry cleaning for smelly clothes or something else altogether? Not only might you benefit from improved lung capacity, easier breathing, improved sports performance, you will more than likely smell fresher and cleaner and have more money in your pocket.

Stop Smoking is £399.00 off peak and £549.00 for peak times.

Throughout your Cognitive Hypnotherapy sessions, you should remain completely in control throughout your trance state and we will not make you do or say anything you don’t want to.

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