Sport Mindset *

We are not all born athletes; achieving sporting success and the body shapes we desire requires hard work, dedication, positivity and a persistence that comes from within.

Self-limiting beliefs can stop you from reaching your full potential, so it is important to understand the important role your mind plays in exercise. Our therapists use a combination of methods such as Sports Hypnosis and NLP that you may find help you achieve a sporting mindset and overcome any psychological issues that are holding you back.

Get into a positive sports mindset

Our sports mindset therapists use Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP to address a variety of negative thoughts, including:

  • “My opponent is better than me”
  • “I’m not as good as they are”
  • “I’m great at practice but can’t perform when the pressure’s on”
  • “I find it difficult to play the sport rather than the opponent”

By addressing your self-limiting belief systems, we can equip you with the tools and techniques you need to maintain a positive and forward way of thinking, with a clear goal and new found motivation.

Effective sports hypnotherapy

Sports hypnotherapy is used to work directly with your unconscious mind, promoting changes through your unconscious mind. Throughout your sports hypnotherapy sessions the therapist can help you in a number of ways, including:

  • Mental visualisation techniques and rehearsing for future successes by utilising techniques from NLP
  • How to place yourself in the ‘success zone’, and effectively focusing on your strategy and success
  • Breaking down your mental barriers and blocks.
  • Positive thinking, motivation and reinforcing your self-belief.

A number of hugely successful and professional athletes regularly use sports hypnosis as part of their training, including:

  • Steve Collins, Nigel Benn, Frank Bruno (boxing)
  • Johnny Wilkinson (rugby)
  • Tiger Woods, Darren Clarke (golf)
  • Iwan Thomas, Roger Black (athletics)
  • Adrian Moorhouse (swimming)

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