Male Sexual Problems *

One of the things that sets humans aside from the rest of the animal kingdom is our need for close personal intimacy- whether it’s a hug from a parent or loved one or a handshake with an old friend, human touch is important to many of us.

Male sexual problems can strike at any age, severely impacting on your relationships and self esteem. Our therapists are experienced in working with a range of sexual problems, from erectile dysfunction and low sexual desire to deeper issues around intimacy.

It can be extremely debilitating as a man to be told there is nothing physically wrong with you, but you still find it impossible to achieve an erection with your partner despite craving the intimacy that love making brings.

We have in our profession as Cognitive Hypnotherapists dealt with many such cases and find them among the most rewarding. Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP we start the process by taking a history of the client and discussing any issues.

Working with clients with this most fascinating issue can often give hope where in the past there was none. If there is nothing physically wrong, it is often the case that the unconscious mind is guiding the body in a way that the conscious mind does not want. Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP we may be able to change the behaviour that is causing the unconscious mind to create undesirable problems, such as loss of erections or premature ejaculation.

We are very solution-driven and do not believe in spending years going over the same problem with a client. Our aim is to build trust and help you achieve positive results in as few sessions as possible.

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