How we could help you – Cognitive Hypnotherapy

We offer a range of hypnotherapy techniques that you might find help you achieve your goals in work, life and relationships.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy

We often get locked into behaviours, habits and beliefs which can reduce the quality of our lives, but for varying reasons find it hard to break away from. This is usually because the unconscious mind is in control of these responses but keeps the thought pattern that generates them hidden from our conscious awareness. These patterns can be out of date and inappropriate in our present life.

Cognitive hypnotherapy may help to modify these patterns to help you take control of your own behaviour.

We understand that each person and each issue is unique, and it is our aim to provide guidance- not control or dictate.

The majority of our clients come to us seeking help with negative feelings and emotions which are causing pain in some way. Usually these clients have already tried many other ways to “sort themselves out”, to no avail.

Hypnotherapists use hypnosis to help people interact with the unconscious mind, possibly solving the problems that the conscious brain alone cannot.

The Clerkenwell Group was founded by Darren Stamford and Gordon Matthews. We use cognitive HYPNOTHERAPY and NLP with the aim of helping our clients with a range of issues, from self-confidence and stopping smoking to weight control, phobias and relationship problems.