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Welcome to City of London Hypnotherapy – Your Trusted Hypnotherapy in London – Clinic in EC1

Discover personalized hypnotherapy solutions tailored just for you at City of London Hypnotherapy, your premier London Hypnotherapy clinic based in Islington EC1. We understand that each individual is unique, and our bespoke solutions are crafted to address your specific needs.

Hypnotherapy is a transformative journey, not a quick fix. At City of London (The Clerkenwell Group), we don’t wield a magic wand, but we collaborate hand in hand with you to help achieve your goals.

Why choose the City of London Hypnotherapy?

Your hypnotherapy needs :

  • A Personalized Approach: Every person is treated uniquely, ensuring tailored solutions for individual needs.
  • Motivation From You To Change: If you’re ready for a new way forward, we’re here to support and guide you.
  • No Guarantees, Just Results: While we can’t make guarantees, our 5-star Google Reviews shows our commitment and effectiveness.
  • Fair Price Point: Get quality hypnotherapy services at a reasonable cost, making positive change accessible to all.

If you’re motivated to transform your life, take the first step today.

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Why Choose Us


Sometimes life can feel like an uphill struggle, but you don’t have to cope with it all on your own. At the Clerkenwell Group we offer a variety of tailor made hypnotherapy solutions that may help you overcome any issues that are troubling you and find a new way forward in life. Simply complete the above form and we’ll be in touch.

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Neuro Linguistic

Put simply, NLP is about learning the language of our minds to help us communicate better with ourselves and the rest of the world. Our highly experienced therapists use NLP techniques to help individuals adapt their behaviours and thought patterns that may help them achieve the results they want. If you would like to remove limitations and increase your life choices, we’ll be delighted to help.

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Emotional Freedom

EFT is often described as “energy psychology”, and experts believe it may be used to treat a wide range of physical and psychological conditions. It works by tapping on the energy meridians that are also used in acupuncture, but this process is done with no needles- just fingers. Once you have learnt the technique it is easy to apply in everyday life, either with a therapist or on your own.

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Rapid Transformation Therapy

Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT) is a powerful hybrid therapy that combines hypnotherapy, NLP, and CBT. It aims to uncover and rewire limiting beliefs and subconscious patterns, enabling rapid breakthroughs and lasting change. Experience relief from emotional challenges, anxiety, weight issues, phobias, and more, leading to enhanced self-confidence and improved overall well-being.

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Gut Directed Therapy

Gut-Directed Therapy focuses on the gut-brain connection to alleviate gut-related issues like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Through specialised techniques, it reduces stress, anxiety, and emotional triggers that impact digestive health. The benefits include symptom relief, improved gut function, and enhanced overall well-being.

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Read more about the effectiveness of Cognitive Hypnotherapy through evidence based research

Comprehensive Hypnotherapy Solutions at Our London Clinic

At City of London Hypnotherapy, our London Hypnotherapy Clinic in EC1, is dedicated to providing effective solutions for a range of challenges. Our experienced therapists utilize a combination of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy CBT, Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP, Emotional Freedom Therapy EFT, Rapid Transformation Therapy RTT and Gut Directed Hypnotherapy to address various issues and empower our clients to lead fulfilling lives.

Explore our specialized services:

Overcome Anxiety

In some situations, like starting a new job or attending college for the first time, nervousness can be seen as a perfectly natural and normal part of life. But when anxiety takes its hold it can have debilitating effects on our lives, relationships and ability to undertake simple day to day tasks.

If anxiety is taking over your life, we offer a range of solutions that coulld help you feel calmer, more centred, and better able to deal with whatever life throws your way. Contact us today to find out more about Cognitive Hypnotherapy, NLP and Emotional Freedom Therapy.

Male Sexual Problems

One of the things that sets humans aside from the rest of the animal kingdom is our need for close personal intimacy- whether it’s a hug from a parent or loved one or a handshake with an old friend, human touch is important.

Male sexual problems can strike at any age, severely impacting on your relationships and self esteem. Our therapists are experienced in helping with a range of sexual problems, from erectile dysfunction and low sexual desire to deeper issues around intimacy.

Female Sexual Problems

A satisfying sex life is important for our relationships and overall sense of wellbeing- as a nurturing and social and social species, we have a need for close physical contact and intimacy. We offer a non-judgmental, safe place to express any concerns and worries, which you may find helps you to overcome your sexual problems and achieve happier, more fulfilling relationships.

Curing Phobias

Whether seen as rational or irrational by the outside world, phobias can seem very real to those affected and cause significant problems in daily life. We take a non- judgmental, empathetic approach, using Cognitive Hypotherapy and NLP that may help you understand and manage your fears. Our methods have been proven very successful. We hope they work for you just as well*

Overcoming Fear of Flying

Fear of flying is one of the most common phobias in the world, affecting at least one in ten of the population. Our Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques may help you overcome your fear of flying and manage the physical and psychological effects associated with it.

Smoking Cessation

It can be notoriously difficult to give up smoking, but hypnotherapy may be the answer for you. We’re truly passionate about helping people break free from unwanted behaviours and habits, and offer a range of techniques that could help you achieve fast and effective results.

Conquer Addiction

Addictions can be hard to let go of, especially if they have been a part of your life for a long time. Our therapists use a combination of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) that may help you let go of addictions and live a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Relieving Stress

Sometimes life can seem like one big juggling act. When things start to get on top of you it can have a huge impact on your day to day life, making you irritable, anxious and more prone to physical health problems. In fact, stress is one of the biggest health issues we experience in Western society, accounting for 11.7million sick days per year*.  Our stress relieving techniques may help you find inner peace and learn how to manage day to day stresses calmly and effectively.

Ref: hse.gov.uk

Improve Confidence

Confidence comes from understanding your self-worth and value, so if you’re lacking in this area it can really hold you back in life and stop you achieving what you’re capable of. Our therapists use Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP that could help you build your self-esteem and provide you with essential tools for achieving your goals; whether in life, work or personal relationships.

Present with Ease - Fear of Public Speaking

Public Speaking can strike dread into the heart of even the most confident business person, with some experts claiming that the average person fears it even more than death. Our Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques may help you feel more at ease with public speaking and discover the inner confidence you never knew you had.

Lose Weight

Some lucky people are seemingly able to eat whatever they like without gaining weight, but for most of us it isn’t that easy. Even if you’re determined to shed the pounds, you may find that willpower alone isn’t enough. We use tried and tested Cognitive Hypnotherapy techniques that may help you understand your relationship with food, eat more mindfully and work towards achieving your ideal weight. Please do understand though that we can’t use a magic wand but we can be your biggest cheerleader to help you make those changes.

Sport Mindset

We are not all born athletes; achieving sporting success and the body shapes we desire requires hard work, dedication, positivity and persistence that comes from within.

Self-limiting beliefs can stop you from reaching your full potential, so it is important to understand the important role your mind plays in exercise. Our therapists use a combination of methods such as Sports Hypnosis and NLP that you could find really help you achieve a sporting mindset and overcome any psychological issues that are holding you back.

Career Coaching

If you find that motivating yourself to go into work is a daily struggle, or you’re wishing your week away by clock watching from 9 til 5, you may want to re-think your career choices. It’s never too late to look at a new line of work, but sometimes it can be hard to know where to begin or understand your transferrable skills. Our career coaching service could help you identify your skills, values and interests and enable you to seek a more rewarding and enjoyable career.

IBS Or Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome can be a very challenging condition to live with, affecting the food we eat and impacting on our work and social lives. Stress and anxiety often go hand in hand with IBS, so at the Clerkenwell Centre we offer Cognitive Hypnotherapy to help you work towards become calmer, less sensitive to triggers and overcome negative thought patterns.

Why Choose Our Tailor-Made Approach?


Individualized Care:

  • We understand that no two individuals are alike. Our therapists take the time to listen, comprehend, and tailor solutions that address your unique concerns, ensuring a more effective and personalized approach to your well-being journey.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy Excellence:

  • Harnessing the power of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, we delve into the subconscious mind to uncover and rewire limiting beliefs and patterns. This technique enables rapid breakthroughs and lasting change, promoting enhanced self-confidence and overall well-being.

NLP for Adaptive Behaviors:

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is at the core of our approach. By understanding the language of the mind, we help you adapt behaviors and thought patterns, empowering you to achieve the results you desire in various aspects of life.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT):

  • Often described as “energy psychology,” EFT involves tapping on energy meridians to address physical and psychological conditions. Our therapists guide you in learning this technique, providing a tool for everyday use in collaboration with or independently of therapy sessions.

Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT):

  • A powerful hybrid therapy, RTT combines hypnotherapy, NLP, and CBT. This approach aims to uncover and transform deep-seated issues, leading to rapid breakthroughs and enduring positive change.

Client Testimonials

I can highly recommend the services of City of London Hypnotherapy, I had several sessions for anxiety and they have transformed my life. Beside that the therapist was very professional and emphatic about my issue, I felt at ease during each session and completely supported.

I was also given the needed tools that have helped me to transform myself into a much more fulfilled person.

Beside this the practice is also located at a convenient, central location and feels very homely and welcoming, which most other practices lack.

Thank you, City of London Hypnotherapy, I can’t recommend your service highly enough!


Well it’s been 5 years since my last cigarette now so I can with confidence say that these guys at City of London Hypnotherapy succeeded where 30 years of other methods failed!

I don’t like “medical” environments so this place suited me perfectly, feeling very homely but professional and making me feel really relaxed. I still don’t miss smoking one bit and even though I tried to give up before I never thought I’d be saying that. Thank you!

Luke Meredith

Anybody seeking effective and immediate therapeutic help with the variety of problems in my mind, London hypnotherapy may be one of the most effective ways to deal with issues. I have done a variety of therapies in the past and none has been as immediate or effective as this method. I would recommend it to anybody who is looking for therapy that works and is affordable and effective .

Aaron Horn

Over a number of years, off and on, I have called upon City of London Hypnotherapy for assistance in resolving a number of life/work issues.

Always a pleasure to see the professional yet entertainingly personable therapist in very comfortable surroundings.

I can recommend this practice to anyone looking to explore themselves and overcome any barriers that might be inhibiting their full potential.

James Kerr

I had four sessions to help me with relaxation around my high blood pressure.  I found my therapist to be extremely sympathetic, displaying real understanding of the complexities of the issue and the treatment was both impressive and effective.  I would certainly recommend the service.

Toby Beech

An incredible, transformative, life-changing experience! As a result of 3 sessions, I’m now more self-confident and positive, with a new perspective on life and my life goals.

Ben Walton

Unlock your potential with transformative hypnotherapy in London.

Take the first step towards positive change. Fill in the contact form or call 0800 048 5636 now. Your journey to a better you, starts here!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many sessions are recommended for optimal results?2023-12-02T11:04:48+00:00

A: For maximum effectiveness, we typically recommend a block of three sessions which are between 50 minutes and 1hr 15. This approach allows for a comprehensive exploration of your specific needs, ensuring the hypnosis achieves lasting and transformative results.

Q: Will I be able to communicate with the therapist during a session?2023-12-02T11:04:37+00:00

A: Absolutely. You’ll maintain the ability to communicate freely with the therapist throughout the session, ensuring a collaborative and supportive environment during hypnotherapy in London at City of London Hypnotherapy Clinic.

Q: How deep is the relaxation during a hypnotherapy session at City of London Hypnotherapy Clinic?2023-12-02T11:04:24+00:00

A: The relaxation is profound—deeper than a typical focused meditation. Clients often describe a heightened sense of calm, promoting receptivity to therapeutic suggestions during hypnosis for IBS, weight loss hypnotherapy, or stop smoking hypnotherapy.

Q: What can I expect during a hypnotherapy session at City of London Hypnotherapy Clinic?2023-12-02T11:04:11+00:00

A: In a session, you’ll experience a deep sense of relaxation, akin to a focused meditation. Our therapists create a comfortable environment, allowing you to communicate freely. The sessions, whether for hypnosis for IBS, weight loss hypnotherapy, or stop smoking hypnotherapy, or any other issue, are personalized to your specific needs.

Q: How can I schedule a session for hypnotherapy in London at City of London Hypnotherapy Clinic?2023-12-02T11:03:59+00:00

A: Scheduling a session is easy. Simply fill in our contact form or call 0800 048 5636 to take the first step toward transformative hypnotherapy in London.

Q: Can I really quit smoking with stop smoking hypnotherapy at City of London Hypnotherapy Clinic?2023-12-02T11:03:46+00:00

A: Absolutely. City of London Hypnotherapy Clinic specializes in stop smoking hypnotherapy, offering a proven method to break free from smoking habits and achieve lasting results through personalized and supportive sessions.

Q: Is weight loss hypnotherapy effective, and how does City of London Hypnotherapy Clinic approach it?2023-12-02T11:03:33+00:00

A: Yes, our weight loss hypnotherapy is highly effective. At City of London Hypnotherapy, we employ a comprehensive approach, combining hypnotherapy techniques with personalized strategies to support healthy weight management.

Q: How can I benefit from hypnosis for IBS at City of London Hypnotherapy?2023-12-02T11:03:18+00:00

A: City of London Hypnotherapy offers targeted hypnosis for IBS, addressing the root causes of gastrointestinal discomfort through specialized techniques, promoting relief and improved well-being.

Q: What is unique about the hypnotherapy services at City of London Hypnotherapy?2023-12-02T11:03:06+00:00

A: Our hypnotherapy in London stands out for its personalized approach in a warm atmosphere with compassionate talented therapists, with a focus on ensuring individualized treatment plans for each client’s unique journey.

Q: What services does the City of London Hypnotherapy Clinic offer?2023-12-02T11:02:53+00:00

A: Hypnotherapy in London provides a range of transformative services tailored for various needs such as hypnosis for IBS, weight loss hypnotherapy, and stop smoking hypnotherapy.

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